National Record Store Day is 4/20


I have a confession to make - I have fallen victim to the resurgence of vinyl. Unlike some of those hipsters out there, I remember records when they were still one of the most popular choices when purchasing an album (admittedly, cassette tapes were the most popular). In fact, I didn't get my first CD until 1994 (if you were wondering, it was Hootie & the Blowfish's Cracked Rear View).

My reasons for rediscovering vinyl are similar to other people's - the novelty aspect, nostalgia, desire to experience the full scope of an album vs. the impersonal digital music relationship, and sound quality. Yes, vinyl (in good condition) sounds better than digital music when it is compressed into the mp3 format.

Vinyl will never replace my digital music collection, but it's a satisfying way to listen to my favorite bands' music. I recommend you give vinyl another shot and what better time to do just that than on National Record Day?

The celebratory day is on April 20th and you can expect plenty of vinyl sales and promotions from Monster Music & Movies in West Ashley. If you still prefer your tunes in CD or tape form, there will be discounts on those too.

National Record Day was created to celebrate the culture of the independent record store, which is becoming increasingly sparse. Luckily, we have a fantastic independent shop in Monster Music & Movies, so be sure to stop in on April 20th.

For a sneak peak of what to expect during Monster's National Record Day event, click here.

***UPDATE, 4/13/13***: Monster has announced the following food trucks will be onsite: Pot Kettle Black, Baja Burritos, Carolina Creole, & Cory's Grilled Cheese.

The store also announced their live music lineup: Da Gullah Rootz, Company, An Era of Echoes, Godwin Falcon, Hooded Eagle, and Elise Testone.


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