Jerk of the Week: Naked Highway-Walking, Baby-Biting Guy

Welcome to Jerk of the Week – a feature I started because, well, there are a ton of jerks out there. To see the previous jerks, click here.

It's been a few weeks since I've posted one of these entries, but this guy definitely motivated me to choose him as the Jerk of the Week.

Anthony Michael Hedger is making national headlines for what he did near Traveler's Rest. Apparently, Hedger saw it fit to walk along the highway and through traffic completely nude. To make the situation even weirder, he was holding his 13-month-old son - who was also naked.

That alone is enough to make Hedger a pretty big jerk, but it gets worse...

When police arrived he decided to run into the woods, which led to his child getting some scratches. Police eventually got to him and when they attempted to take his son away, Hedger decided the smart thing to do would be to bite his son's shoulder. The bite left a bruise on the child's arm.

Thankfully, Hedger was arrested on charges of unlawful neglect of a child.

Holy City Sinner