Channing Tatum at Rita's Appears To Be a Hoax

***UPDATE, 4:55 pm***: One Twitter user who dashed over to Rita's after hearing Tatum was there, told me the actor wasn't actually at the Folly Beach location. She said the closest thing she could find was this look-a-like. Did the original Tweeters think he was Tatum? Or was it a planned hoaxed the entire time? Either way, the look-a-like is becoming a minor Charleston Twitter celeb.

***UPDATE, 4:43 pm***: For those interested, the original Tweeters are here and here.

***UPDATE, 4:32 pm*** - A couple Twitter folks are saying he is NOT there. Plus, the two original Tweeters have gone silent. Was it all a hoax? Looks like it may have been.

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Twitter is starting to buzz with the rumor that actor Channing Tatum is currently at Rita's Seaside Grille on Folly Beach.

No real confirmation at this time, but stay tuned...

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