"Southern Charm" Spotted Filming Around Town


From: @KevinAllenSmith

Filming for Bravo's Southern Charm appears to be in full swing here in the Holy City as cast and crew from the upcoming reality show were spotted in at least two locales this past Saturday.

  1. Attendees at the Charleston Beer Garden in Brittlebank Park were greeted by the sign you see pictured.
  2. Mercury, a bar on King Street, was more than happy to announce filming was taking place at their location late that evening.
  3. ***UPDATE, 12:24 pm***: A twitter follower of mine said she spotted some of the cast at Bull St. Gourmet last Wednesday.

Did any of you attend these events and witness the filming? Let me know the details!

Also, what does everyone think about these appearances? Would the cast have ever been at Mercury or the Beer Garden if it weren't for the show?

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