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I was lucky enough to get some inside information about the upcoming Dishcrawl in Avondale. Plus, I was given a delicious tasting from one of the city's best restaurants while learning about the event.

Merry Poore, the new Charleston Dishcrawl Ambassador, met with me at the always amazing Al Di La, which will be the first stop during next month's event. While we waited for our food samples, we chatted about the event.

Poore was visibly excited as she talked about Dishcrawl's desire to bring the community together over food. She said she felt the Avondale neighborhood was the perfect setting for the culinary adventure because all of the restaurants and bars are close together. Attendees won't have to walk far to get to each location, plus the proximity accentuates the community feel.

The other restaurants will be announced later on, but Al Di La will certainly create plenty of excitment. The popular Italian spot is a favorite of both casual diners and hardcore foodies. Executive Chef Joaquin Bustos is a big reason why the restaurant receives so much praise.

Bustos told us he uses fresh and in-season products when available, which keeps the menu new and interesting. There are always some comfortable stand-bys, but the seasonal dishes tend to be highlights.

Chef Bustos presented us with samples of three dishes that may end up on your plate during the Dishcrawl. We were given: bruschetta, tonnarelli with housemade sausage and fava beans, and a sea scallop served on fresh greens.

Each was cooked perfectly and it was hard to choose favorite. The scallop was large and perfectly prepared and the vegetables it sat on were a perfect compliment.

I thought the best part was the tonnarelli. It had a pleasant flavor that was kicked up a notch by the homemade sausage. The meat was very flavorful and added some excitement to the offering.

Everything tasted fantastic and the samples will give Dishcrawlers an accurate idea of all Al Di La offers. The menu may have some slight variations on the night of the event. For instance, Chef Bustos mentioned he may serve a more adventurous pasta dish - ravioli with braised rabbit - that night, but no matter what is chose, I'm positive it will be perfect.

For tickets to the Dishcrawl, click here.

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