Holy City "Vulnerable and Overdue" for a Hurricane

From: NHC.NOAA.gov

From: NHC.NOAA.gov

It has become almost cliché for Charleston to be included in a magazine's top ten list. It seems barely a week goes by where the Holy City isn't lauded over by some outside entity.

As silly as some of these lists are, residents are still quick to puff out their chests with each announcement. However, the city's latest top ten inclusion has been vastly different. This time around, no one is excited.

That's because the Weather Channel included Charleston in its list of cities that are most "overdue and vulnerable" for a hurricane. Charleston was placed in the 8th position, while Tampa was listed at No. 1.
The so-called "Hurricane Season" began on June 1st and it was just reported today that a Tropical Storm - with its eyes set on Charleston - has formed in the Gulf of Mexico.
The last hurricane to hit the Holy City was Hugo back in September of 1989.
You can see the entire list here. You should also take a look at Charleston Patch's "Hurricane Readiness Guide" here.

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