Another Proud Week for SC

Everyone knows that South Carolina, especially its political landscape, is a little nutty and this week was no exception.

Here's a look at some "proud" moments from the last few days:

  1. The North Charleston Police were facing questions this week after Deputy Cory Shelton punched a car-chase suspect when he clearly had his hands up in the air. The action was caught on dash cam videos that the Post & Courier published. You can see the videos here. The punch happens at the 1:10 mark and then it replays from a different camera at 2:33.
    After watching the video, I came away with the believe that Shelton was a little overzealous. He came flying up to the suspect's car and decked him with little-to-no thought at all.
    This isn't the first time the local police have had some issues controlling their emotions. Just last year Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon faced similar scrutiny after he slapped a handcuffed suspect.
  2. Then there was those pesky politicians again...
    "Months after South Carolina legislative leaders called ethics reform one of their top priorities, they conceded Wednesday that a proposed overhaul of the state's ethics laws was dead for the year." - Independent Mail
    That's right, In a state DESPERATE for political ethics reform, our politicians fittingly could not come to an agreement.
  3. And finally...the SC Department of Revenue hack was back in the headlines. The hackers, who had made off with millions of social security numbers last fall, were paid a hefty ransom by the federal government to not sell them elsewhere. Now a state senator wants Governor Nikki Haley to release more information about this pay-off. Namely, he wants to know if this payment actually took place and why the thieves were given money instead of prosecuted.

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