HuffPo: Top 5 Things That Can Only Be Found in Charleston

Dueler's Alley. Credit:

Dueler's Alley. Credit:

The Huffington Post has created a piece called "Only in Charleston: The Top 5 Things You Can't Find Anywhere Else."

As you probably ascertained from the title, the article lists some of the Holy City's most unique events, spaces, and offerings. Believe it or not there's actually a couple things on the list even YOU may be unaware of.

My favorite was #4: Dueler's Alley. I was unfamiliar with this location and will certainly be seeking it out the next time I'm downtown.

You can view the entire piece here.


In a related story, The Huffington Post also has story about the Post & Courier's Doug Pardue. You can read that here.

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