Calm Charleston Concert from The Lumineers

Credit: Instagram/RodRazavi

Credit: Instagram/RodRazavi

The Lumineers are a very good band, but they don't get me overly excited. Their music may be inspiring, heartfelt, and fun to sing along to, but they are definitely a relaxed band. My energy level is pretty low when i listen to their songs. Their show last night in Charleston reflected that attitude.

If you went to last night's show expecting a nonstop adrenaline rush, you were probably disappointed. It was a perfect night to head outside and listen to laid back music with friends and that's exactly what happened. If you knew what to expect, you left the concert in a great mood.

Here's the setlist from last night's show at the Family Circle Magazine Stadium in Daniel Island.

  1. Submarines
  2. Classy Girls
  3. I Ain't Nobody's Problem
  4. Flowers in Your Hair
  5. Ho Hey
  6. Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan cover)
  7. Dead Sea
  8. Slow it Down
  9. Duet
  10. Charlie Boy
  11. Stubborn Love
  12. Flapper Girl
    ----Encore Break
  13. Morning Song
  14. The Weight (The Band cover)
  15. Big Parade

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