Person Threatening to Jump off Ravenel Bridge Creating Major Traffic

Credit: ABC News 4

Credit: ABC News 4

Motorists traveling on the Ravenel Bridge can expect delays this morning as there is a police presence there. According to reports, officials are responding to calls regarding a person threatening to jump off of the bridge.


7:37 am - The Post & Courier states two southbound lanes are currently blocked.

7:53 am - Multiple witnesses say traffic is VERY heavy on the bridge. AVOID if you can.

8:53 am - Police are still on the scene.

9:10 am - Live 5 News is reporting that there is now a Westbound wreck on I-526 on the Don Holt. Traffic backed up onto Daniel Island. Looks like drivers can't win today.

9:37 am - You guessed it - still no update on the situation and traffic is still backed up.

10:44 am - Nearly four hours later and the issue on the Ravenel Bridge is still not resolved. However, traffic is about ready to move on I-526.

11:41 am - The Mount Pleasant Police Department is now saying that ALL lanes on the south side of the bridge are shut down.

11:54 am - Drivers are being sent to to I-526 which is now cleared, but moving slowly.

12:00 pm - According to the Post & Courier's Glen Smith: "Witness reports that police were enticing Ravenel jumper with slab of pizza from Andolini's."

Credit: Glen Smith, Post & Courier

Credit: Glen Smith/Grace Beahm, Post and Courier

12:08 pm - And now photographic proof from Glen Smith regarding the pizza.

12:10 pm - The suspect is now in custody.

12:35 pm - The Ravenel Bridge is now being reopened.

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