1600 Meeting Wakes Up This Saturday

Credit: 1600 Meeting

Credit: 1600 Meeting

The much talked about creative community at 1600 Meeting will be hosting a grand opening of sorts this Saturday at 10 am. "Awakening" will be a free art and performance event to introduce the Holy City to the businesses within the collaborative space.

The building will eventually be an office space, a home to art and design studios, a community resource center, and much more. It has been closed for decades, so artists of all types were given two full days to transform the space before doors open this weekend.

Here's a list of participants who worked on the space and/or will be in attendance:

Carol Antman
Jared Bramblett
Justin Brewer
Martha Brim
Alyson Burns
Margaret Crane, The Art Bus Project
John Duckworth
Susan Farrell
Carroll Fitzpatrick
Laura Gaffke + Tina Hirsig
Kevan Hoertdoerfer + Vassiliki Falkehag
Holy City Ravel Rousers
Alizey Khan
Gret Mackintosh
John Merritt, Traditional Small Craft Association
Sharen Mitchell
Austin Norvell
Alex + Sara Radin, Melanie Spinks, Beverly Currin, Bethany Jeanicke
Kim Thomas
Patch Whisky

For more information, click here. The event is being put on by Enough Pie.

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