Boeing's Dreamliner Nightmare Continues

Credit: Dave Granlund

Credit: Dave Granlund

LAST UPDATED: 1/14/14 (see below)

On the same day the City of North Charleston approved a tax break for the company, Boeing is dealing with two more issues with its 787 Dreamliner airplanes.

London's Heathrow airport temporarily closed its runways today after an empty Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner caught fire. The cause of the fire is currently a mystery and may not even be Boeing's fault, but it's another concerning incident for the company.

Shortly after the Heathrow fire, another Dreamliner traveling to the US from England had to turn around after experiencing a "technical issue."

These latest issues add to the rapidly-growing list of problems the airline has experienced since the airliner was first introduced in 2012. Most notably, the entire global fleet was grounded in January after issues with batteries overheating in some of the planes came to light.

Hopefully, Boeing will use the money saved from that generous North Charleston tax break to make an airplane that actually works. This problems are inexcusable - the transportation industry can not have "growing pains."

Here's a look at the Boeing's Dreamliner Nightmare (most recent issues first):

LAST UPDATE: 1/14/14

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