Rally For Trayvon Martin this Saturday at U.S. Customs House

Another local remembrance for Trayvon Martin will take place this Saturday at the U.S. Customs House. A protest rally, according to the Charleston City Paper, will feature discussion regarding "the Martin/GeorgeZimmerman case, black-on-black crime, racial profiling in Charleston and North Charleston, and local governments' 'unfair spending in the upscale community versus the black community.'"

For more details, check out CCP's article.

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  1. Dave Crockett 20 July, 2013 at 11:41 Reply

    I live up North, but have a home in CHS.. I love CHS as Everyone lives in a beautiful town and gets along … Now some stupid radicals are going to seperate & cause strife & ruin the wonderful “community” for all of us who don’t really care if you are black, white, green, blue, whatever… If I drive my red sports car @ a high rate of speed, I am profiled for being a speeder-true.. Enough !! Life is tough enough !!!! We don’t need people who want another civil war – everybody has to “chill out” & just get to be reguler people !! It is true, when someone said the USA will never be taken over by another country – we will self destruct from within !! Sad , sad state of affairs for the USA..

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