3 Sea Turtles to Be Released on Wednesday

Gumby, the 100th Release

Gumby, the 100th Release

One of Charleston's coolest and most unique events will be happening on Wednesday, July 31st at 10 am. That's when the South Carolina Aquarium will hold its latest sea turtle release at the Isle of Palms County Park! This time around a total of three juvenile sea turtles will be returned to the ocean.

As usual, the public is invited to attend the event. Although viewing the release is free, attendees should plan to pay for parking at the county park.

Here's some details on each of the sea turtles being released:
  • Splinter
    • 60-pound juvenile loggerhead sea turtle
    • Taken to the South Carolina Aquarium's Sea Turtle Hospital with swordfish's bill deeply embedded in the right rear flipper.
  • Sutton
    • 8-pound Kemp's ridley (the most endangered sea turtle species)
    • Cold-stunned off the coast of New England
  • Raker
    • 8-pound juvenile green sea turtle
    • Discovered washed up on Myrtle Beach in April of this year.
    • Suffered from multiple issues including a shell infection, pool blood work, dehydration, and a low heart rate.

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