Former "Real World" Cast Member Denies Involvement

A portion of "The Real World may film in Charleston" rumor has been steadfastly refuted by a former cast member.

Jessica McCain, a housemate during the MTV reality show's most recent season, was linked to the Holy City rumors by FITSNews who wrote:

Apparently one of the show’s recent cast members – Jessica McCain – is helping to organize the effort in conjunction with the city’s hospitality industry and owners of local bars and restaurants.

When I spoke to McCain through Twitter, the Fayetteville, NC native denied any such involvement. When asked if there was any truth to the rumor that she was aiding MTV in their search for a new location, she responded: "None. I don't know where all of this came from. None of the South Carolina stuff and myself is true. I am a cast mate, not production."

This means the only person identified by name in the original story has denied her involvement. However, it should be noted that MTV has not done the same. Instead of denying anything, the network has only offered up what is essentially a "no comment."

So, for now the rumor lives on, but it appears a part of it has been debunked.


(FYI - The quote from McCain was edited by me for clarification purposes. For instance, changed "idk" to "I don't know," etc.)

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