Preserve the Angel Oak

Credit: LOLT.org

Credit: LOLT.org

In an effort to preserve one of the area's most iconic symbols, the Charleston County Council agreed to spend $2.4 million to help purchase 17 acres near the Angel Oak Tree. If they hadn't, the land would have been available to developers.

Despite that money, the Lowcountry Open Land Trust (LOLT) still has to raise $1.2 million more to take control of the property. If they can raise the additional funds, LOLT would own the property and would get to work on some expansion. On their website, the group says "protecting the property will enhance and extend the existing parkland, with the potential to create a more functional multi-use park experience for visitors, allowing them to explore a forest park while just steps away from the property's namesake attraction." Most importantly, it will keep potentially harmful developments away from the park.

To help preserve the Angel Oak Tree and its namesake park, you can donate here.

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