Charleston is Deliciously Caffeinated

drinkcoffeeI have been to just about every darn coffee shop in this city, so I can certainly agree with Travel + Leisure's latest rankings of America's Best Coffee Cities. The magazine placed the Holy City at #19 on the list, which is well-deserved if not a little low.

It should come as no surprise that Seattle took the top spot, but I was slightly irked to see Savannah ahead of the Holy City at #11. I think we have a fantastic coffee scene and plenty of great spots were overlooked.

The Charleston entry mentions the fantastic Black Tap Coffee and Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer, but neglects to mention some other great places to get your daily caffeine fix. Coffee junkies should also check out Brown's Court Bakery, Charleston Coffee Exchange, Charleston Coffee Roasters, Collective Coffee Company, East Bay Meeting House, How Art Tho? Cafe, Kaminsky's, King Dusko, Metto, and The Orange Spot.

Those were just the shops I could remember off the top of my head - can you tell I like coffee?

For those interested, here are some of my (and Ms. Holy City Sinner's) personal recommendations:

  • Black Tap Coffee - An affogato (double shot of espresso, toffee, and a scoop of ice cream).
  • Brown's Court Bakery - Iced Coffee and a sriracha croissant (but really anything they've baked that day).
  • Charleston Coffee Exchange - "The Buzz" (an iced espresso drink) or an Iced White Mocha.
  • Collective Coffee Company - Any of their coffees of the day or their Iced Vanilla Latte.
  • Kudu - Anything, as long as you bring it to the courtyard.
  • The Orange Spot - The Cha Yen (a tea, but still has caffiene) or the Holy City Sinner Special (it has a different name which I'm ignoring) - it's a spicy coffee drink that you have to request.

You can view the entire Travel + Leisure list here.

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