Jestine's Closes Unexpectedly for Renovations

The Post & Courier's Hanna Raskin is reporting that Jestine's Kitchen unexpectedly closed its doors yesterday for unplanned renovations. Raskin wrote that the iconic Holy City restaurant may have even closed in the middle of their lunch service.

Calls to the restaurant result in the following outgoing message:

"Thank you for calling Jestine's Kitchen. Thank you for being our customers. We are closed right now for renovations. Thank you very much. I’m very sorry. It was out of my control. Thank you.”

FYI - Jestine's Sweet Shop, the restaurant's bakery located at 54 Wentworth Street, is open today.

UPDATE,  8/25/13: An irate customer took to TripAdvisor.com to post a scathing account of what they say happened at Jestine's Kitchen late last week. The author claims owner Dana Berlin Strange closed the restaurant while people were still waiting to come into the venue and told them all she was leaving and closing the restaurant forever. There has been no confirmation that the story is true, but you can read the post here.

UPDATE,  8/27/13: Live 5 News spoke with Strange who said she "decided it was time for renovations, and sent all 31 of her employees home." Here are some other highlights from the article:

  • Renovations include redoing the kitchen floor and plumbing
  • Former employees would be allowed to return when renovations are completed

You have any details about the situation, shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]


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