Charleston: Known for its...Ice Cream?

Credit: PBS

Credit: PBS

Charleston ends up on so many Travel + Leisure "Best of" lists, that it's no surprise we occasionally miss one. About a month ago the publication asserted that the Holy City is one of "America's Best Cities for Ice Cream." Chucktown was ranked as the 11th-best in the nation, while Savannah took home the top spot.

I LOVE ice cream, so I was quite shocked to see Charleston included on this list. Honestly, we don't have a truly unique ice cream shop at all. The most interesting "ice cream" places in the city don't even sell actual ice cream, they sell frozen yogurt. That's certainly not a knock on those businesses, but does the Holy City really have a great ice cream scene?

Sorry folks, this is one ranking I can't get behind. However, it brings up a great idea - we need better ice cream, damn it! If we can couple the current froyo places with some great ice cream shops, then we'd be on to something!

Charleston could certainly use entities outside of Ye Ole Fashioned to get our ice cream fix. We need businesses that can create an actual buzz like New York's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck or the Creole Creamery in New Orleans.

Someone get on this. I'm the idea guy, you are the implement-my-brilliant-gems guys.

You can see the entire list here.

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