High Wire Distillery Inches Closer to Opening

highwireScott Blackwell and his wife Ann Marshall have made a lot of progress with their business since the first time I visited just about a month ago. In fact, it will only be a few more weeks before that business, the High Wire Distillery Co., is open to the public.

The duo gave me a tour of the updated facility and offered a few tastes of their products. Here are some highlights from my most recent visit:

  • The facility will open on September 12th.
  • They have a few different rums and bitters available and they are tasty. The two I tasted - one clear rum, one dark - had a lot of character and I could taste many different ingredients in each. Neither had that harsh alcohol taste or burn that many other options do. They would be great as mixers, but could certainly be enjoyed on the rocks or as a shot.
  • The facility's decor seemed to have a 1920's Vaudeville theme with elegant wood walls and vintage bottles from that time period.
  • High Wire's offerings have earned praise from many local food and beverage managers.
  • Tours of the facility will include three half-ounce samples.
  • Tours are expected to run $8.

High Wire Distillery Co. is located next to Butcher & Bee at 652 King Street. For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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