"AWAKE" at Threshold Repertory Theatre

Local contemporary artist John Duckworth will have his performance/video installation "AWAKE" on display at the Threshold Repertory Theatre on Saturday, September 7th for a one night only event that will include four showings and question and answer sessions.

"AWAKE" actually made its debut at the 1600 Meeting "grand opening" event back in July, but for repeat viewers this latest showing will be updated and a different experience.

According to a press release, "AWAKE" is a nearly 12 minute "video installation which channels the bombardment of mass visual stimuli we receive in our daily lives through meditation as it evokes viewers to transcend the ordinary state-of-mind and embrace the present moment."

Muse Restaurant & Wine Bar will be next door featuring dinner and drink specials to coincide with the event.

There are showings at 8 pm, 8:30 pm, 9 pm, and 9:30 pm. Each costs $10. To purchase tickets, click here.

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