FTG's Interview with Cook It Raw's Alessandro Porcelli

Porcelli Credit: Cook it Raw

Credit: Cook it Raw

Local blogger Foodmancing the Girl recently posted a fantastic interview with Cook It Raw Director and Founder Alessandro Porcelli. The piece is a great way to further prepare for the organization's October 26th BBQ Perspectives event in Bowens Island.

Here's a little taste of their conversation:

FTG: What is it about BBQ in general, and Charleston in particular, that led to the decision to have this event here? Not that I am complaining, but going from Ishikawa and Poland to South Carolina seems rather odd.

Alessandro: Cook it Raw is about understanding and innovation, and the BBQ and Lowcountry cuisine that come out of Charleston provide a unique opportunity to do just that. This cuisine is a confluence of cultures, and Charleston is a place where modern chefs and producers are taking a strong look at the heritage and the complex history of the place to innovate moving forward. Charleston has just as much to offer to the international culinary conversation as Copenhagen or Collio, and we are here to learn and be inspired.

Click here to consume the entire interview.

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