Cook It Raw Charleston: BBQ Perspectives Preview

Credit: Cook It Raw

Credit: Cook It Raw

The chefs are coming! The chefs are coming! Ok, so I'm no Paul Revere.

Unlike Revere who rode a horse through Charlestown (Mass.) alerting residents of the unwanted arrival of foreigners, I am lazily typing a three day late notification to the residents of Charleston regarding the welcomed arrival of some of the world's best chefs. I hope to make up for my tardiness with a comprehensive look at the most anticipated gastronomical event in Holy City history - Cook It Raw.

Cook It Raw, the brainchild of Alessandro Porcelli, is an annual event that brings chefs from all over the world together for a few days worth of innovative cooking, idea-sharing, industry discussion, and environmental, social, and cultural debate. The attendees spend their days hunting, foraging, fishing, harvesting, and speaking with local experts about local produce and cooking techniques. The event concludes with an invigorating dinner featuring the chefs' unique creations based on what they were able to collect - physically and mentally - during the week. This year's gathering is taking place right here in Charleston and will focus on traditional Lowcountry cuisine.

To celebrate this sixth gathering, Cook It Raw decided to open the climatic final dinner to the public and, not surprisingly, tickets quickly sold-out. The dinner, dubbed "BBQ Perspectives," is being held on Bowens Island this Saturday at noon and anticipation has rapidly increased since the chefs' arrival. Charlestonians can't wait to see what the more than 40 local and internationally acclaimed chefs will create using only regional ingredients.


List of chefs who are expected to attend this year's event (click on their name for their Twitter account):


  • Jeremiah Bacon, The Macintosh and Oak Steakhouse
  • Sean Brock, Husk, McCrady’s, Charleston
  • Bob Carter, Carter’s Kitchen and Rutledge Cab Company
  • Craig Deihl, Cypress Restaurant
  • Jacques Larson, Wild Olive
  • Mike Lata, FIG and The Ordinary
  • Frank Lee, Slightly North of Broad
  • Rodney Scott, Scott's BBQ, Hemingway (SC)
  • Robert Stehling, The Hominy Grill
  • Chris Stewart, The Glass Onion
  • Ken Vedrinski, Coda del Pesce
  • Michelle Weaver, Charleston Grill


Here is some media coverage of Cook It Raw:

Keep up with the week's happenings with these official links:

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