Want to be an extra in a web short featuring Cam Gigandet?

Seamless Pictures, a local independent film production team, is offering Charlestonians a pretty cool opportunity. One of my Twitter followers alerted me to this Facebook post from the company, which reads:

If anyone's free here in Charleston next Saturday from 9am to 3pm and is interested in being an extra in a short web comedy piece we're shooting here in Charleston with Cam Gigandet, Michael Gladis, and Anna Wood, please shoot an email to [email protected] with a pic/headshot and a resume or a little info about yourself.

Some details:
-You'll be playing patrons at a bar downtown.
-Age group of predominately 20's-30's but any age (over 18) may apply.
-This is an unpaid, just for fun thing. For everyone involved.
-It's short web comedy and it will be pretty laid back and fun for everyone involved.

Sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun, espcially since you get to hang with some of the stars of Reckless.

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