Former Pro Cyclist Tyler Hamilton To Speak at CofC


Hamilton (left) with Armstrong in 2003 Credit: New York Times

Hamilton (left) with Armstrong in 2003
Credit: New York Times

Former professional cyclist Tyler Hamilton will speak at the College of Charleston's Beatty Center on Thursday at 7 pm. The event is open to the public.

Hamilton's appearance is part of the School of Business’ "Think Differently Forum", a speaker series that examines a minority viewpoint to create dialogue. In Hamilton's case, he was a whistle-blower within his sport's accepted culture of "doping." Most famously, he provided information on Lance Armstrong's use of performance-enhancing drugs and blood-doping. He will talk about the ethical and moral dilemmas associated with being a whistle-blower.

Hamilton competed in the 2003 Tour de France and the 2004 Olympics, before retiring from cycling in 2009. After retirement, Hamilton published an award-winning autobiography. 

For more information on the event, contact faculty adviser Elise Perrault at [email protected]

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