Rand Paul to Charlestonians: "They're Coming After Your Doughnuts!"

Politicians are periodically accused of using scare tactics to influence the public's opinion towards a desired end. The strategy works especially well when politicians play off the already existing fears of their audience. Although these tactics are usually despicable, I had to chuckle at Senator Rand Paul's (R-Ky) comments during his Monday appearance at "The Charleston Meeting."

Paul must have been well aware of this state's - shall we say - "difficulties" with exercise and healthy eating when he accused the government of trying to further so-called "nanny state" policies.

“They’re coming after your doughnuts!” the Kentucky Republican said, referring to the Food and Drug Administration decision to ban trans fats.

You thought New Yorkers were mad about the threat of losing their Big Gulps, can you imagine the panic in South Carolina if our Krispy Kremes were banned?

Even though Paul's comments aren't true, I hope you still got a good chuckle out them. If you are so inclined, you can see his full speech below (no word yet on how much of it was plagiarized):

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