Oh, boy: Charleston Named 7th Best City for Hipsters

hipsterAre you ready for this one? Travel + Leisure has named Charleston the 7th Best American City for Hipsters. There's no need to adjust your black thick-rimmed glasses or get your skinny jeans in a bunch (if that's even possible), because you read that right - a national publication has told the rest of the country that the Holy City is a hipster haven. Now it's only a matter of time before the Williamsburg, Brooklyn hipsters migrate south to our fair city.

So, what makes Charleston so deck (that's hipster for "cool," and yes I had to look that up)? Here's what Travel + Leisure said:

King Street is a reliable hotbed for antiques and design shopping, and in the area around Upper High King, you can kick back at High Wire Distilling (which makes small-batch rums, gins, and whiskeys) or Bay Street Biergarten, which offers craft beers and a Bavarian menu inside a rehabbed train depot

So, let's wax up our mustaches and sip some PBR, ironically of course, as we contemplate this brain-teaster - once a city's hipsters have been called hipsters, are they still hipsters?

You can see the entire list here.

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