"Myrtle Manor" Returns on January 16th

MyrtlemanorThe hit "reality" television show Welcome to Myrtle Manor returns to TLC  for its second season on Thursday, January 16th at 10 pm.

If the cast's recent antics make it into the second season of the show, things could get quite entertaining. Since the conclusion of the first season, three cast members were arrested within three days of each other, one of those three was arrested for the second time, the trailer park's sign was stolen, and the show spent one afternoon filming at Mad River. (Speaking of the Holy City, a trailer for the upcoming season shows some shots taken downtown).

None of those events were mentioned in TLC's press release, which states:

...the vibrant and offbeat mobile home residents are prepared for the best summer yet. But their plans shift gears when an intense rivalry erupts between Myrtle Manor and fellow trailer park, Village Creek, as each tries to one up the other in an effort to prove that they are the best trailer park in town. Manager Becky has her hands full as she goes head-to-head with longtime foe and Manager of Village Creek, Roxanne. Newlyweds Jared and Chelsey's marriage gets off to a rocky start and things get even more complicated when Chelsey gets baby fever. Amanda makes a move for the sexy new trailer park handyman, Brock; not to mention that Miss Peggy also has the hots for the 23-year-old new hire! Marvin attempts to take his relationship with Anne to the next level; and Bandit weasels his way back into Myrtle Manor, making life a living hell for Becky. Meanwhile, a mysterious new resident named Stephania moves into the park that has all the residents talking.

You can watch a preview of the new season below:

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