A Look Back at Tristan's "Truffles & Hazelnuts Dinner"

I was fortunate enough to attend Tristan's "Truffles & Hazelnuts Dinner" back on January 19th. The dinner featured a collaborative effort between Executive Chef Nate Whiting and Italy's Chef Carlo Zarri. Tristan's Pastry Chef Amanee Neirouz provided the dessert.

Chef Zarri, who has worked for the Italian Olympic Committee, Sophia Loren, and Georgio Armani, was more than happy to share two of his home region's most popular ingredients - black truffles and hazelnuts.

The whole event was a lot of fun and the staff at Tristan was on top of their game. The chefs were nice enough to visit with each diner and discuss the menu. As expected, everything was fantastic. Here's a look at some of the dishes we had:

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