Ravenel Bridge Closed Due to Large Sheets of Falling Ice

***UPDATE, 5:13 pm*** - All lanes of the bridge are now open.

***UPDATE, 4:46 pm*** - After a six-hour closure, the south side (Mount Pleasant into Charleston) is open again. The other side will open in 15 minutes if all goes well.

Another interesting note - the SCDOT's cameras located on the bridge were removed from their website during the bridge closure and reappeared when the bridge was reopened. The department told The Post & Courier's Andrew Knapp that the issue was on the public's end. Hmmm..

***UPDATE, 3:26 pm*** - The first alert about the bridge being closed was at 10:23 am. We have now hit the 5 hour mark and the Bridge is still closed. On the plus side, a fun hashtag showed up on Twitter - #Ravalanche.

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Credit: @lvanliewnews

Credit: @lvanliewnews

According to Mount Pleasant Police, the Ravenel Bridge has been shut down because large chunks of ice have been falling from the cables.

ABC News 4 says multiple people have told the station that their cars were damaged due to falling ice. You can see a picture of a car damaged by the ice here. A Charleston Police Department spokesman said some ice also fell in front of a Mount Pleasant Police unit.

One motorist was reportedly injured by shattered windshield glass.

A producer at Live 5 News Tweeted the picture on the right, which shows ice on the road.

ABC News 4 has some raw video of the ice falling.


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