A Different Kind of CSA Debuts in the Holy City

Charleston Supported Art (Facebook)

Charleston Supported Art (Facebook)

Charleston Supported Art (CSA) has introduced a new model for art distribution to the Holy City area. Modeled after the popular Community Supported Agriculture programs, CSA has created a program that will offer art lovers the opportunity to purchase "seasonal shares of original art created by a select group of local artists." Shares are already available for purchase.

The program consists of three seasons per year with six artists featured per season. There will be a total of 18 local visual artists who will provide their work to the program.

Each collectors will receive six pieces of original art for each share they purchase. Shares are $450 and will be delivered at seasonal pick-up events.

The artists and their assigned seasons are:
Pick-up - May 14
Jennifer Ervin (photography)
Tina Hirsig (mixed media)
Anna Hopkins (sculpture)
Alan Jackson (pen-and-ink)
Joshua Lynn (painting)
Kate MacNeil (intaglio)
Pick-up - August 28
Mariah Channing (photography)
Olivia Cramer (jewelry)
Miyako Fujiwara (ceramics)
Fred Jamar (painting)
Jennifer Henriques Phillips (mixed media)
Kristi Ryba (photography)
Pick-up – December 11
Christine Bush Roman (mixed media)
Matthew Dietz (painting)
Ashley Harwood (sculpture)
Donna Hurt (photography)
Hirona Matsuda (mixed media)
Melinda Mead Scharstein (photography)
For more information about the program or to purchase a share, visit www.charlestonsupportedart.com.

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