Shield your kid's eyes from this one: South Carolinians Have the 4th Longest Sex in America



This post is certainly not for the kiddos.

It most certainly falls under the "sinning" portion of the website, but it should peak some of your interests. (Hat tip to The Digitel for the head's up on this "story").

According to a wildly unreliable and unscientific report from Nerve, South Carolinians have the fourth longest sex in the country with an average of 4 minutes, 48 seconds per...session. So, um...congrats!

The "statistics" come from the fine folks behind the Spreadsheets App (I'll wait for your giggling to subside).

Got that out of your system? Ok good, Spreadsheets is a mobile application that uses your phone's accelerometer and speakers to track all sorts of naughty data about you and your partner. You can also earn achievements within the app, because sex was apparently lacking awards. For those wondering, the app is 99 cents in the Apple App Store.

New Mexico blew away the competition with a 7 minute, 1 second average which was a full minute-and-a-half ahead of second place West Virginia. And who's bringing up the rear? Those poor saps up in Alaska who average 1 minute, 21 seconds.

You can see the full list here. By the way, definitely don't check out Nerve's website while you are at work.

Oh, and bonus points if you noticed all my painfully obvious innuendos throughout this post.


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