Plenty of Follitics at the Edge of America

follybeachToday is election day out on the Edge of America as Folly Beach residents will select a mayor and three city council members. The mayoral race has garnered much of the attention as current Mayor Tim Goodwin squares off against former city administrator Toni Connor-Rooks.

As is usually the case with Folly Beach, things have gotten interesting. A Facebook group called "Follitics," which supports Connor-Rooks, has allowed citizens to vent their frustrations with the current administration. And vent they did.

All sorts of allegations have been posted, and if nothing else, they are pretty entertaining to read. A lot of vitriol on the page has been directed not only at Mayor Goodwin, but also the Director of Public Safety Dennis Brown. For a town that promotes its laid-back atmosphere, it certainly seems to always have a ton of drama.

By the way, the candidates for the city council positions are:

  • Pennell Clamp
  • Paul Hume
  • Ed Iames
  • John F. Merritt, Jr.
  • DJ Rich
  • Dale Stuckey

Polls close at 7 pm.

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