John Tecklenburg Announces Mayoral Candidacy

Credit: @JohnTecklenburg

Credit: @JohnTecklenburg

Charleston businessman John Tecklenburg announced today that he will run in Charleston's upcoming mayoral race.

He hopes to succeed Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. who will not be seeking re-election. Riley has been the Holy City's mayor since 1975.

If elected, Tecklenberg said (via a press release) he would focus on the following three priorities:

  • Charleston 2020 - “I will launch Charleston 2020, a new community dialogue to refine a clear and compelling common vision — a blueprint, if you will — for our city’s future.  We’ll need everyone’s ideas and everyone’s involvement to make our City’s future greater.”
  • CitiStat - “I will launch CitiStat, an innovative management tool to make our city work better and smarter, and to be operated in a more open and transparent way.  Most importantly, we’ll use it to provide better services without raising taxes.  CitiStat has improved cities around the country that have used this tool.”
  • Infrastructure and opportunities - “I’ll focus on improving both our physical infrastructure and advancing opportunities for our citizens in all parts of our city. We must repair and maintain our parks, sidewalks, drainage, and other parts of our public realm. In addition, we must work harder than ever to enhance opportunities for our people in education, jobs, recreation, housing, the arts and much more.”

You can watch Tecklenburg's announcement video below.

The only other person to officially announce their intentions to run for mayor is Charleston City Councilman Dean Riegelis. The election is schedule for November 2015.


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