Glazed Gourmet Scores Best In America Honors

glazedGlazed Gourmet Doughnuts is the latest Holy City business to be honored in a "best in the U.S." list. The King Street bakery was named one of the 21 "Best Donut Shops in America" by Thrillist, a men's lifestyle website.

After calling chef Alison Smith and her team "artisanal culinary geniuses," Thrillist went on to praise four of Glazed Gourmet's offerings:

  • Blue Cheese Cabernet (homemade pear jam, Cabernet glaze, blue cheese honey drizzle)
  • Baked Banana (banana bread donut, walnuts, banana glaze)
  • The Purple Goat (berry goat cheese filling, lavender glaze)
  • Chinese 5 Spice donut holes

If you haven't been to Glazed Gourmet before, I can't urge you enough to stop in ASAP.

You can see the entire Thrillist list here.

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