Charleston Epicurean Brings the Holy City to Your Door

chsepiThanks to the rise of monthly "box subscriptions," discovering new products has never been easier. From clothes to pet treats to food to (believe it or not) razors, consumers can sample a variety of products that are delivered right to their door. It was just a matter of time before someone in Charleston created a similar service that showcased the best Holy City treats. Longtime local marketer Laura Angermeier did just that when she launched Charleston Epicurean.

Each month Angermeier's company creates a box of locally-made culinary items and ships them to subscribers. Every box is unique and contains between four and six items. Examples include olive oil, fried peanuts, artisan marshmallows, Lowcountry grits, Charleston gold rice, and praline pecans.

The service is $35 per month, including shipping, with options for one-time delivery or for a certain amount of time.

For more information about Charleston Epicurean, visit their website.

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