Castmates Say T-Rav Not Exactly Truthful About Leaving "Southern Charm"

Credit: Bravo

Credit: Bravo

So, do you guys remember that time Thomas Ravenel tweeted that if there was a second season of Southern Charm he would not be involved in it? Of course you do, it was less than two weeks ago. That's the amount of time it took for two separate cast members to say his assertion may not be true* (see update below)

About a week ago, one cast member said TRav's statement wasn't true, but they didn't want to go on-the-record with that claim. Shep Rose, who is never one to mince words, went on 105.5 The Bridge's "Box and Kelly in the Morning" today and briefly touched on Ravenel's tweet.

When asked about Ravenel's tweet, Rose told Box and Kelly that he thought Ravenel was upset that some members of the cast hadn't RSVP'ed to Kathryn Dennis and his baby's Christening. *Just to be clear, Rose never outright said Ravenel wasn't being truthful. He did explain away the Tweet as being said in frustration, which would seem to imply Ravenel may not have been being truthful. You can listen to his clip below to hear his exact words and make your own judgment.

After the interview with Rose, the show's co-host Kelly Bazzle posted on her Twitter that if season two does happen, there is a very high chance TRav will still be involved. She didn't say who told her that little tidbit.

So, there you go. It would seem Ravenel's Tweet and subsequent statement to the Charleston City Paper were just an attempt to keep the attention on himself. It remains to be seen if Ravenel's claims that he will run against Senator Lindsey Graham are complete and utter crap.

There's been no comment from Ravenel so far. I've tried to reach out to him, but he blocks me on social media (I wonder why?), which is making it difficult. Stay tuned...

You can hear Rose's full interview here.


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