Caviar & Bananas Says it Has MERCY For Your Hangover

mercyThese hot Charleston evenings combined with the city's...we'll say..."significant appreciation" of adult beverages, tends to leave residents begging for mercy in the morning. Caviar & Bananas says to forget the urban legends about hangovers and stop suffering, because they claim to have the secret cure in stock.

The downtown gourmet food shop is selling MERCY, a drinking featuring a blend of amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins. The beverage comes in two flavors, blood orange and citrus. According to the company, it is recommended to drink “during or immediately after alcohol consumption.”

The drinks have been available for a few weeks now, so I'm interested to know if anyone out there has tried them. If you have, leave a comment below!

MERCY can be purchased at either Caviar & Bananas location for $4.75 per can. The shops can be found at 51 George St. and 188 Meeting St. in the City Market.

For more information on Mercy, click here.

For more on Caviar & Bananas, click here.

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