Bassist Leaving Sol Driven Train

From the band's official website

From the band's official website

On Wednesday afternoon local band Sol Driven Train sent an e-mail to its fans with some sad news. The message was from bassist Rusty Cole who said he was leaving the band.

It seems his departure was amicable and a replacement has already been lined up. Matty Thompson will take Cole's spot on stage. Thompson has previously played with the likes of Ben Fagan (The Plainfield Project) and Elise Testone.

You can read Cole's e-mail in its entirety below:
Dear friends,
After much contemplation and soul-searching I've decided that it is time for me to step aside from the bass playing role of Sol Driven Train. First, I want to thank you all for eight years of amazing support in the cultivation of our collective dream. Through our travels, we have met and lived with so many amazing folks. I believe that it's time for me to make room to add another person to this extended family while I move on to other exciting adventures. I am happy to know that a very close friend of mine and an amazing bass player, Matty Thompson will be joining the Sol Driven Train family. I know he will be welcomed by the musicians and fans with loving support and open arms. It will be fun to see a new chapter unfold for everyone and I look forward to seeing you all down the road!!

Happy trails,

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