Sea Turtle Release TODAY on IOP

Credit: South Carolina Aquarium

Credit: South Carolina Aquarium

One of Charleston’s most unique events will return TODAY at 4:30 pm. That’s when the South Carolina Aquarium will hold its latest sea turtle release at the Isle of Palms County Park! This time just one turtle will be returned to the ocean.

As usual, the public is invited to attend the event. Although viewing the release is free, attendees should plan to pay for parking at the county park.

Here are some details about the turtle from the Aquarium’s website:
  • Briar
    • Female loggerhead
    • She washed ashore in North Myrtle Beach
    • She was severely debilitated and emaciated
    • She was also going blind, so the Aquarium performed cataract surgery on her - the first time the Aquarium has ever done that.
You can donate to the Sea Turtle Hospital via the South Carolina Aquarium’s donation page.

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