Film Examines Charleston's Agricultural Community

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

A documentary film that explores sustainable agriculture through the lens of 8 celebrated chefs in Charleston is expected to debut this Fall.

The film, Overalls & Aprons, features local farmers, livestock producers, fisherman, the ingredients they grow or catch, and examines how sustainable each industry is. It will also take a look at community organizations and businesses that "help educate the demand for these dying professions, as well as support and strengthen a local sustainable food infrastructure."

The chefs involved in the film are:

  • Chef Frank Lee - S.N.O.B. & Maverick Southern Kitchens
  • Chef Mike Lata - FIG & The Ordinary
  • Chef Sean Brock - Husk & McCrady's
  • Chef Ricky Hacker - Evo Pizza & Bakery
  • Chef Nico Romo - Fish
  • Chef Kevin Johnson - The Grocery
  • Chef Jeremiah Bacon - The Macintosh & Oak Steakhouse
  • Chef Fred Neuville - Fat Hen

Farms and farmers featured in the film include: Sea Island Dairy, Geechie Boy Mill and Market, Ambrose Farms, Rosebank Farms, Lowland Farms, Rebellion Farms, Joseph Fields Farms, Keegan Filion Farms, Rita's Roots, Legare Farms, Clammer Dave, Tommy Shrimp Pimp, Kimberly's Crabs, Abundant Seafood, and Millgrove Farms

Visit the film's official website for more information.


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