Hydrofly Watersports Soars On the Ashley River

10487414_666265256797733_153633556251687914_nYesterday, Holy City Sinner took a trip to Brittlebank Park to check out Hydrofly Watersports and watch some folks flyboard on the Ashley River.

The Flyboard is a relatively new water sport that allows users to hover above the water using a board that propels water underneath the rider. Depending on the rider's prowess, they can even attempt a few tricks while they hover.

The adventure begins at The Ripley Light Marina, which is located in Brittlebank Park. Hydrofly picks you up on the dock for chartered boat ride out to their floating Tiki Hut. The hut is pretty fun. There's plenty of shade on sunny days, but you can also sit/lay in the sun if you prefer. You can also relax on a flotation device while others in your party are trying out the Flyboard. Regardless of where you hang out, you can enjoy the rock music pumping out of the hut's stereo.

Guests are allowed to bring their own beverages out to the hut, but there's no boozing before you use the Flyboard.

After some instructions and safety tips, a rider straps on the Flyboard which looks like a pair of large ski boots strapped to small foot rest. A jet ski, which provides the power to the Flyboard, leads you out into the water where your adventure begins.

Take a look at the photos Holy City Sinner took below and then enjoy a video Hydrofly has posted on their official website.




For more information on Hydrofly, click here.


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