H1GHER LEARNING Celebrates Their Non-Profit Designation

sneakerH1GHER LEARNING, a group that rewards the academic excellence of at-risk students by giving them new sneakers, will celebrate its incorporation as a non-profit organization on Saturday, August 16th from 7 pm until 10 pm at Sneaker.

The organization has already provided over 100 pairs of brand new sneakers to at-risk students and founder KJ Kearney says this a great way to start them on a path towards change.

“I believe that we can use sneakers as a motivating factor because that’s what these kids shares an interest in,” Kearney said. “As adults we work for a paycheck; these sneakers will be their form of payment for a job well done. In short, we’re using sneakers as the reward for outstanding all-around improvements.”

The Pep Rally is a free event, but donations will be accepted to support the organization. Sneaker is located at 237 King Street. For more information about H1GHER LEARNING, visit the official website.

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