CPD Investigating Shots Fired Near Crosstown

The Charleston Police Department has released details regarding last night's activity near the McDonald's in the crosstown area of downtown.

Officers were dispatched to the McDonalds at 230 Spring Street after CPD received a call regarding a crowd that had formed at that location. The officers were in the process of dispersing the crowd when shots were fired from the parking lot of the nearby Taco Bell. One of those shots hit the McDonalds building, just a few feet from the officers. At this time, it is unknown if someone was shooting at the officers.

Based on a description from a witness, one officer tried to approach a male who matched the suspect's description on Ashton Street, but the man fled and evaded the officer.

A search of the area using a K-9 unit turned up a handgun behind an Ashton Street residence. Another gun was found covered in pine straw underneath some shrubbery in the Taco Bell parking lot. A subsequent search of the parking lot also turned up a shell casing and the discovery of two more handguns within a car. All of the weapons were secured by police.

The incident is still under investigation.

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