Have You See T-Rav's Campaign Commercial? Is This Real Life?

campaignFor Thomas Ravenel's sake, I kind of hope the campaign video that he debuted online this week was just a joke, because it is awful. Really awful.

The ad's desperate attempt at humor falls flat and just feels so Busch League.

The clip starts with the long, annoying beeping sound you may remember from the days when TV stations would go off-air late at night. Really, T-Rav? We couldn't edit that out? Who the heck was your director?

Oh, the commercial was directed and produced by your Southern Charm co-star Whitney Sudler-Smith? No wonder it's unwatchable. Sudler-Smith's claim to "fame" is a documentary that was widely panned by critics and audiences alike. But sure, let's hire him.

Once we get past the beeping sound, it's time to cue up the cheese. Oh! By the way, Ravenel may get four Charleston firefighters in trouble for including them in his advertisement. You can watch the whole thing below.

Maybe Ravenel knows he has no shot in Hell of winning Lindsey Graham's Senate seat, so he's just trying something goofy to draw attention to his campaign. If so, some congratulations are in order - this is the first time in weeks the public has been talking about Ravenel's political goals instead of the usual "reality" TV chat.


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