Fun With Mugshots: Vol. 12

It’s been a while, but Fun With Mugshots is BACK! I had put this series on the shelf, but a few folks have requested I bring it back.

So, here it is...the 12th edition of Fun With Mugshots.

Yea...drugs are bad...


What's that you say? This man was arrested for having 10 lbs of pot in his home. No way...


Shocking, I know


What's worse? Being arrested for public intoxication...or his hair...or his shirt?


This dude's "hairdo" isn't much better...


I'm sensing a trend here..bad hair = increased likelihood of getting cuffed.



Hey laaaadies, great news! This guy is "Down to Boink!"

p-mugshot-of-the-day-11-27-You know he's "down to boink", because his face tells you so.



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