Crave Kitchen & Cocktails Hosts Second “Diablo Dinner”

diablopartyThis Halloween night, Crave Kitchen & Cocktails will offer a special 3-for-$30 menu features "deliciously painful dishes and delightfully sinful cocktails." The offering is part of the second annual Diablo Dinner.

This meal will certainly hurt! It's a 3-course, Halloween-themed dinner that will be spiced up with the help of the Charleston Pepper Palace. The restaurant will offer two different levels of heat on the following menu:


  • Meltdown Mussels
  • You Spicy Swine, You
  • JigSaw’s Jalapeno Poppers
  • The Devil’s Mac & Cheese


  • Flaming Free Bird
  • Pad Die
  • The Mc-Ouchy Burger


  • When Hell Freezes Over
  • Hot Liquid (Chocolate) Mag-Mah

Riff Raff’s Cocktails

  • El Frothy Habanero
  • Freezer Burn Milkshake, From Hell with Love
  • Post-Apocalyptic Autumn Sunset Martini

Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased online. All cocktails are sold separately. The event starts at 5 pm.

Crave Kitchen & Cocktails is located at 1968 Riviera Drive in Mt. Pleasant.

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