FITS News: Ravenel Tried To Buy Ex-Girlfriend's Silence

Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo

Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo

This could get messy.

A day after both Thomas Ravenel and former girlfriend Kathryn Dennis took to social media to trade barbs over their break-up, more scandalous allegations have been posted by political blog FITS News.

The pair became tabloid fodder after the start of their relationship was "documented" in the first season of the Bravo reality TV show Southern Charm. The season ended with the announcement that the couple had a child together. At the time, things looked quite rosy for the duo, but the proverbial honeymoon is clearly over and FITS News provided the latest bombshell.

The website says Ravenel, a U.S. Senate candidate and Southern Charm cast member, offered Dennis money to keep their split quiet. FITS alleges that Ravenel sent the following to Dennis via text message:

“If you can keep this private, I will continue to pay for (the baby’s nanny) and let you stay at my house on Charlotte Street until we have a mediated settlement and will pay for baby supplies...If you go public you will have to leave Charlotte Street immediately there will be no money for (the nanny) but I will continue to pay only for baby supplies.  And things are going to get very messy.”

The blog also claims Ravenel fired their nanny, offered Dennis a $3,500 a month stipend, and then changed course and told her to "lawyer up."


Get all the details from FITS News here.

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  1. Camille 28 October, 2014 at 14:38 Reply

    Talk about drama but this “drama” has turned into a full blown comedy or better yet a “circus” or “soap opera”…….”As Thomas Ravenel Tumbles”. He needs to politely step away from the political arena since there is not a glimmer of hope for a political career. He is embarrassing himself and the rest of the Ravenel family and Charleston for that matter!!!

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