Chef Nate Whiting's 492 Coming into Focus on Upper King

image2Late last week, Chef Nate Whiting, formerly of Tristan, and the rest of The Relish Restaurant Group gave several members of the local media a hard hat tour of 492, their upcoming restaurant.

The building, located at 492 King Street, is still very much under construction, but the group's vision for the space is beginning to come into focus. Here are some of the highlights and revelations made during the tour:

The Building's History

  • The building at 492 King Street was built in the late 1880s and has been empty since before Hurricane Hugo hit.
  • It was in such rough shape that some of the city's structural engineers had bets on when the structure would collapse
  • Throughout its history, the building had primarily been a retail space

The kitchen

The Restaurant

  • Chef Whiting, who says he's always strived to be "transparent in the kitchen," said patrons will feel as though the are in the kitchen due to its open concept.
  • The chef said he wants to "dissolve the barriers" between guests and the restaurant and provide "more of a workshop" feel to the space
  • The team said the restaurant will be a 180-degree change from what they were doing at Tristan (more casual, cheaper prices)
  • There will be an upstairs area that can be used for banquets, meetings, etc.
  • There will also be a rooftop garden and outdoor courtyard
  • They are eyeing a February opening


  • Still being developed
  • Multiple dining styles will be accommodated
  • The menu will be seasonal and fluid
  • There will be a bar with multiple beer and wine options

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