Owner of Multiple Market Street Businesses Halts Rumor Mill

Earlier today, Holy City Sinner was able to briefly speak with Sam Mustafa, the owner of multiple restaurants including Queology, Market Street Saloon, and Tabbuli. In the wake of Mad River's closing, rumors regarding the fate of those businesses started to swirl.

Here's what Mustafa had to say about the closing's ramifications, what he thinks the problem with Market Street is, and more:

Holy City Sinner: Did Mad River's closing surprise you?
Sam Mustafa: No. It was advertised for sale for over a year.
How does the closing affect your businesses - especially Queology and Market Street Saloon since they are in the same building?
I'm sure it will affect it. Traffic around the market has been dropping for the last 2 years. The city took most of the parking spots, and the special restrictions on that block make no sense at all. There is no block in the city that has the same restrictions.
Business is slower and has been going down for the last 2 years due to the city's secret plans to rejuvenate the market to consist of higher end restaurants and hotels.
Since Mad River's closing there have been a lot of rumors about what may happen to your businesses. Hopefully you can clear up some of that speculation has Queology, the Saloon, or its property been sold?
Another rumor I heard was that all three tenants did not have their lease renewed. Is that true? 

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